Extra powerful electric vibrating sex toy for men.

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Massager Kit for Men
Massager Kit for Men - all parts Massager Kit for Men - side attached Massager Kit for Men - inside tube Massager Kit for Men - sizing

Male Massager Kit

Probably the only electric sex toy for men, you don't see these too often although it's quite the trend in women's toys. Forget the Hitachi, rub your balls with this one. Includes 3 pieces:

1.) A hockey stick shaped wand that has a slider on the handle which sets one of two available speed settings. The head of the wand has a part extended where you slide on the other 2 attachments. The entire piece is made from textured smoky colored plastic and the neck has a spine that's flexible inside.

2.) A short blunt nub which is for massaging the testicles (or anywhere else you enjoy a surge of power). This part measures 1 1/2 inches long, 1 inch wide. It is made from very stiff rubber and has a rounded smooth tip. If you're not feeling frisky, this one makes a great neck muscle massager.

3.) The large flexible penis cup is made from rubber, softer then the bulb but stiff enough to hold it's shape. It's completely closed allowing you to ejaculate inside. There is a series of staggered ribs inside for an interesting texture as you're thrusting. The cup measures 5 1/2 inches long and 2 inches wide.

This one has incredible power, the electric adapter with 120 volt plug is living proof. In fact the power is so much that some men may find it too intense. You can always turn it down a notch however this style is really targeted towards guys who can't get enough stimulation on your erection.

Price $49.99
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