Grey penis pump with finger trigger handle.
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Max Penis Pump
Max Penis Pump - front Max Penis Pump - base Max Penis Pump - handle Max Penis Pump - cylinder

Max Penis Pump

The basic penis pump upgraded with modern features. The best feature is the finger trigger handle, it's more effective then a squeeze bulb. Hold the curved plastic backing in your hand and pull the trigger with 2 fingers, it's very smooth and consistent allowing you to produce a firm erection quickly.

The thick tubing won't crimp as the suction forms inside. The base of the cylinder has a thicker silicone sleeve which looks like the latex ones except this one is slightly more durable and longer lasting. The quick release valve is a button on the top of the cylinder. The Max pump cylinder measures 9 inches long and 2 3/4 outside diameter at the very bottom.

Price $36.99
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