Oro simulator blow job masturbator.

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Oro Simulator

The original oral stimulator masturbator. Just slide this over the tip of your cock, then lay back and enjoy the smooth pumping and sucking action.

This unique sex toy is made of a smooth plastic cup with a tube and hand squeeze bulb connected to the end for optimum suction. Surrounding the cup is a silky, velvet soft-to-the-touch sheath, which is thick and plump to orally satisfy you.

If you want to stimulate just the tip of your penis, fold the sheath inwards. If you want to stimulate your shaft, unroll the sheath and get swallowed by this silky soft feel with amazing life like suction.

Regardless of your penis size, this sleeve will fit perfectly and conform to your penis curves and folds as you pump because it shrinks the sheath to tightly wrap around your penis.
This is the original Oro simulator that began the masturbator revolution.

Price $15.99
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