Cheap pocket pussy masturbator for men.
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Pocket Pussy Pal
Pocket Pussy Pal Pocket Pussy Pal Pocket Pussy Pal Pocket Pussy Pal

Pocket Pussy Pal

For the man on a budget, we're proud to offer this cheap pocket pussy. A masturbator for men made with the same material as the big guys but without the huge size and the huge price tag that accompanies them.

A fine rubber and silicone mix creates this small but highly effective pocket pussy. The detail on the face is quite real while the interior tube has raised bumps spaced evenly throughout

One of the best cheap masturbators for men, it's perfectly tight and unbelievably soft. Measures 5 1/2 inches long and the pussy is 2 1/2 inches high.

Review submitted September 8, 2010
- " It is much softer then it looks. The surface feels very smooth. The bumps on the inside feel very random but they add a texture when you stroke that I think feels better then if it were smooth. It's not quite long enough, I stick out of the end but it's easy to stroke the tip only. A good masturbation toy for the price.
- Male 33, Miami, Florida

Price $15.99
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