Female Response Cream

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Cleopatra's Female Response Cream: Very Berry 1 oz.

Cleopatra's Female Response Cream: Very Berry 1 oz.

Sometimes women may experience vaginal dryness or a lack of sexual libido. This response cream is formulated to enhance the sensation and create a tingling, erotic feel to make foreplay and sex more enjoyable and much more exciting.
To use, apply a penny-sized amount to the clitoris and rub in a circle, enjoy the gradual sensation and you will be excited for sex!

You can use this during sex, foreplay or even while alone. Apply to the clitoris and use your sex toys for amazing solo-satisfaction.
This Berry flavored response cream also adds an irresistible addition to oral sex for both partners, it will taste good for him and feel exciting for her! A great oral sex enhancer.

Cleopatra's gives her waves of pleasure with the deep and invigorating tingling, cooling and warming erotic feel.
Heavily flavored for his satisfaction, use a bit of this secret cream to boost her willingness for oral sex and foreplay.
Safe to ingest and safe to use.

This is not a lubricant, but it is meant to be used in conjunction with lubrication to heighten the sensations from sex. Comes in a 1 ounce jar.

No longer available

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