Sex Toy Cleaner
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Antibacterial Sex Toys Cleaner

Antibacterial Sex Toy Cleaner

Proper cleanliness is important, it will prevent any likelihood of bacterial infection and prevent your toys from degrading. Adult toy cleaners are made to disinfect and sanitize your sex toy and prevent the material from decaying. Always clean your products after every use.

To use, rinse your toy with hot water, spray on to cover the surface and then rinse off with hot water. This cleaner is antibacterial, safe for your sex toys and safe for you. A few sprays goes a long way! All materials can be cleaned with this cleaner, from jelly to latex to silicone.

This cleaner comes in a 4 fl. ounce bottle.
** Please note that the bottle label may be different then as shown, but the product will be the same.

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