Musky french vanilla and jojoba massage oil by Ono.
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French Vanilla and Jojoba Massage Oil

French Vanilla and Jojoba Massage Oil

French vanilla is well known for it's luxurious deep and musky scent. Anything European is exotic and the tinge of "French" to regular vanilla deepens it with intrigue and mystery. You may think it's strange to describe a scent with these words but when you've let this one flow through your nose you'll probably be struck with the same emotion that we've had.

The addition of Jojoba into this formula makes it good for the skin. Jojoba is a seed oil that has a waxy property so it thickens the oil and allows it to absorb into the skin. It's natural way to get radiant skin that glows and is so smooth you can see the difference.

With these 2 combined into one you're graced with one of the finest massage products known to man. It's a big claim to fame but buy this one and then you can be the judge. Comes in a 2 1/2 ounce tube with a very trendy swirled pattern on the bottle that looks great sitting on your night stand.

Review submitted January 9, 2012

"Probably the best massage lotion, the vanilla is the right amount and the whole product is so smooth."
Female 25, Lawrencevuille, Georgia

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