Your Private Secretary Sex Doll
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Secretary Sex Doll

Private Secretary Sex Doll

This sex doll comes complete with her own secretary's outfit consisting of removable sexy skirt, blouse and bra so you can indulge in your naught fantasy anytime you want. Dress her up and strip her. Slip into her pussy from under her skirt so no one sees or rip off her clothes passionately and take her.

Gaze at those voluptuous tits and squeeze the perky nipples. Enjoy the realism of looking into her innocent beautiful printed face and her sensuous long hair, and voluptuous breasts. This fantasy secretary sex doll features 3 opening for you to explore, the pussy, ass and mouth. You can even titty fuck her tits if you want. She is your private secretary at your command. Life sized sex doll in a standing position.

Price $57.99
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