Virtual Girl realistic sex doll
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Life-Size Living Sex Doll

Virtual Girl: The First Life-Size Living Sex Doll

This is the only sex doll of it's kind. It's solid, made of foam, sculpted from a real woman. Completely anatomically correct in every way. You can sit on her and she'll keep her shape due to the technologically advanced skin that feels soft on the surface, but she's lightweight made from a foam like material. Very heavy duty complete with hair and a life like removable pussy and anus made from Cyberskin.

If you are looking for a real sex doll, this is the ultimate lightweight design. She is in a squatting position and can't be moved from her shape but this position allows for a variety of sexual entrance points including doggie style, wrap around and oral sex.

Another benefit to her squatting position is she's easier to store. It takes up less room then a standing doll but she still is quite large, imagine the size of a real woman squatting and that's her size. The plastic container measures about 3 1/2 feet tall.

Price $989.99
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