Anal sex toy shopping guide for men and women.
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Complete Anal Toy Guide

The secret is out that a back-door pleasure toy enhances the intensity of orgasm. There is a wide range of styles available and our anal sex toy shopping guide will explain the different styles to make your decision easier.

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Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs

The most common style, butt plugs have a simple design consisting of a flat base, thin bottom and a flared or tapered shaft.

They fill space in the anus, decreasing the interior vaginal space for women and stimulating the prostate for men, as a result, greatly increasing sensations for both females and males.

Butt plugs are not meant to be moved around, only inserted and left there so you can continue your regular sexual activities and easily change positions. It can even be worn during masturbation to greatly increase sensation.

Beginners usually use a small butt plug and as time goes on, the anus gets trained to accommodate larger sizes with more comfort and better pleasure. If you want to know how to use a butt plug, be sure to check out this detailed instructions sheet with important advice.

Curved Butt Plugs

Curved Butt Plugs

For men, this causes more direct stimulation on the prostate making ejaculations stronger and much more intense and pleasurable.

For women, it increases g-spot stimulation by forcing the penis to slide to the front. Some styles vibrate and this will radiate throughout your pelvic area and really has a wonderful effect on your pleasure.

Firm rubber curved plugs might feel a bit odd when being inserted for the first time, because it actually pushes on the rectal wall. Jelly curved butt plugs tend to conform with the shape of the rectum and they will somewhat unbend as they are inserted, making them a little bit more comfortable then rubber.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Vibrating Butt Plugs

The feeling of vibrations in the anus is unlike any other. The rectum is packed with extra-sensitive nerve endings that are directly linked to sexual response. One of our favorite sex toys are vibrating butt plugs.

Wireless plugs do not have cords or battery packs that get in the way, these are more hands-free. Some models have a separate battery pack which enables the user to control the intensify and the power easily.

Try this - turn it on low and use your masturbator or vibrator or have sex, penetrating slowly. As you approach your climax, turn the vibrations up more. Just before your climax, urn it up all the way and experience the strongest orgasm.

Other anal vibrators are available with different forms and textures offering a variation on the typical plug shape. Most commonly used for foreplay, anal vibrators are popular adult toys.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads

The purpose for anal beads is to pull them out at the same time as your climax for a thrilling, intense orgasm.

During orgasms, the muscles flex repeatedly and as anal beads are pulled, they cause the rectum to rub against the interior causing a great sensation intensifying the orgasm and in most cases, making it last longer.

A lot of people might be hesitant to use anal beads because of the dirty image or worries about being unsanitary, which honestly, can be the case. If you are worried about sanitation, try using an anal douche before which cleans out the anus. Other solutions are to use them in the shower. You can also use jelly or silicone anal sex beads which are easier to clean.

A proper anal sex toys guide lists 2 styles of beads; plastic beads on a nylon string and jelly beads on a jelly mold. The plastic beads on a nylon string give more of a thumping sensation as you pull the beads because of the size difference between the circumference of beads to the small nylon string. Jelly beads give more of a smooth slippery sensation. If you want to learn how to use anal beads, be sure to read the informative instructions with tips on maximizing your pleasure

Vibrating Anal Beads

Vibrating Anal Beads

Completely transforms sex. The rectum is lined with sensitive nerve endings and when the beads are vibrating, you'll immediately notice how heightened other sensations will be.

Couples enjoy these during foreplay, lovemaking and oral sex. If you're solo, try using them during masturbation.

You don't necessarily need to pull them during orgasm, you can leave it in like a butt plug. Of course if you do decide to pull the strand just before your orgasm it really makes the experience so much better.

Inflating Anal Toys

Inflating Anal Toys

These unique sex toys insert as a regular plug and then inflate to expand the anus, adding pressure and filling up the space. Meant to satisfy the urge for a full anus without the risk of harming the delicate anal opening during insertion.

For women, it tightens the vagina making sex feel like the first time all over again and increases g-spot stimulation.

For men, it stimulates the prostate and applies pressure making ejaculations mush stronger and more pleasurable. Inflating butt plugs can be worn during sex and during masturbation for more stimulation.

Most inflatable butt plugs also vibrate. The vibrating sensation is different then a regular vibrating butt plug because the vibration mechanism is housed in the solid core. When the plug is inflated, the vibrations are echoed and resonate differently giving a more tingling, whole vibration experience that is lower intensity and muffled, evenly distributed throughout the whole surface of the inflated plug.

Consisting of a solid core with a latex coating that expands. Latex is used because it is very elastic and can be safely inflated with the hand pump and quickly deflated with the quick release valve.

Latex is also very comfortable and giving, conforming to the creases and curves of your rectum for optimum comfort. Do not worry about the anal balloon popping in the anus because you will not be able to inflate it all the way because the rectum only has a small diameter that is smaller then the maximum diameter of the inflatable anal toy.

Some inflate only a bulb tip, this provides a sensation of deep exotic probing as it expands as deep as you can insert it. Other types inflate near the entrance for more pressure. Best for adult who want the feel of a full anus but do not want to stretch the anal opening or find it too uncomfortable to insert a large plug.

Glass Butt Plug

Glass Anal Sex Toys

Glass sex toys have the incredible ability to maintain temperature, hot or cold, and are seamless smooth and very elegant.

Glass butt plugs
should be used gently until you are comfortable with it, as they are very rigid and do not conform to your body like a jelly toy would. If you want a another shape the Nubby Plug has a fetish type look.

Made from a fracture resistant type of glass, similar to Pyrex cooking glass, these sex toys won't chip or crack as easily. Glass is seamless and non-porous, it cannot hold bacteria like other materials can, they are are sanitary and extremely easy to clean.

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