Clit toy and female sex toy shopping guide.
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Complete Clit Toy Guide

All of these models have a similar purpose: to provide clitoral stimulation. Often enough to create a wonderful orgasm and considered to be an essential item to have. Read the clit toy guide for shopping guidance on all our mini female sex toys for sale.

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Bullet Vibrator

Bullet Vibrators

Commonly known as the quintessential women's sex toy. A few variations of bullet vibrators exist but they all have the same purpose: to be held over the clitoris during sex to allow the woman to climax with her partner.

It's one of the only ways that assure every time a couple has sex that the woman can orgasm with the man. There are slim bullets which offer more precise clitoral stimulation because of the narrow diameter. Others are wide, often termed vibrators. They allow a more broad range of stimulation and can be used for teasing the vaginal opening and stimulating the lips.

Finger Vibrator

Finger Vibrators

A very popular option for couples to use during sex. It slips onto the finger and the woman can hold the finger tip over her clitoris to make lovemaking more enjoyable.

A very common first timer's sex toy because they are so innocent looking and easy to use. Most finger vibrators do not vibrate very strongly because they are so tiny, there is no room for batteries or a large motor so ladies who love the feel of powerful vibration won't find much satisfaction in the finger vibe. It's best left for first timers.

Clitoral Pump

Clitoral Pumps

Designed for women who love a little pressure on their clitoris, mimicking the joys of cunnilingus.

There are 2 styles of clitoral pumps, one style focuses the suction only on the clitoris. The other style creates suction on the entire vaginal area including the lips, vagina and clitoris.

The styles that focus all the suction on the clitoris are very intense. Sometimes the suction is powerful enough to bring you to orgasm. The larger pumps that have a large surface area are better for sexual arousal, to get into the mood for sex. It will make the lips look puffy and this is very attractive to men so many women use this before sex to enhance the look of the privates.

Silicone Clitoral Stimulator

Silicone Clitoral Stimulators

One of the most hygienic materials, silicone is phthalates free and body safe. It's also easy to clean because it's the only material besides glass that is non-porous.

Usually more pliable and scent-free, the vibrations can radiate throughout silicone much better then jelly so the power intensity is normally higher. These are the newest addition to the clit toy guide.

This is the ideal choice if you're looking for a cute design because silicone can be molded into complex shapes and characters. The butterfly vibrator as shown in the photo above is of the the strongest silicone stimulators.

Plastic Clitoral Stimulator

Plastic Clitoral Stimulators

Plastic bullets and stimulators do not muffle any vibration so if you're looking for an erotic toy with power this should be your decision, however these toys can be quite noisy because there is no padding to absorb the sound waves.

Since plastic is an inexpensive material, the most basic of sex toys are made from plastic. A pocket rocket is a popular style most often made from plastic. Another advantage of this solid surface is the texture will be very noticeable because it can't bend like a jelly or silicone toy.

Jelly Clitoral Stimulator

Jelly Clitoral Stimulators

Press it up against your clitoris and it will embrace it softly. Due to the comfort, this is a popular material.

It is a concern of some about toxins and phthalates in sex toys for women, but these do not raise much caution like vibrators because they are not to be inserted and don't come into contact with mucous membranes - you're supposed to press them over your clitoris only. The Triple Teaser is a popular choice.

Sometimes jelly vibes are very soft, but they are more quiet then many other styles because jelly does a great job at absorbing sound waves. An ideal discreet choice if you're worried about too much noise.

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