Male sex toy shopping guide.
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Male Sex Toy Guide

If you're looking to make a purchase but don't know where to start, read this toy guide which details the different styles of men's toys.

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Masturbation Sleeve

Masturbation Sleeves

Essentially a soft tube that you hold in your hand that adds padding between your fingers and your penis while you masturbate. These are the most basic of all styles and are usually made in convenient travel sizes. The discreet nature makes them a very popular choice for men.

Sometimes masturbation sleeves are made to look like an ass or pussy, and others are more complex with detailed designs and texture bumps. The smaller size is only for visual purposes and they are not big enough to be able to look like a real pussy or ass as you thrust, whereas the full size vaginas have a realistic look when you penetrate.

Beaded Masturbator

Beaded Masturbators

Adding a whole new dimension of pleasure to the standard sleeve, these are one of the best male sex toys. They have one or more rows of plastic beads embedded in the material that gives a unique stroking sensation.

You'll immediately take note that they feel different then any other masturbation sleeve because the beads add a noticeable sensation as you stroke. Some have multiple rows of beads, stimulating around your whole penis and some have only one row that stimulates the bottom side of the shaft, where your dorsal vein is.

The thicker the sleeve, the tighter it will be. The thin strokers like the Sorority Stroker is loose and the beads will be more noticeable. The thick masturbator called the Beaded Cock Stroker which is a tighter option for men looking for a stiffer squeeze.

Suction Masturbator

Suction Masturbators

Closed on the end and with chambers inside the material, as you penetrate, the air gets pushed out and cannot be replaced. As you thrust, it gets tighter and tighter. You can easily see the chambers inside the Pussy Suction Sleeve. Not always found on male sex toy guides as they are a little more uncommon but very underrated.

Similar to the sucking action of oral sex, these masturbators delight and stimulate the tip of the penis, right where you are the most sensitive. They are constructed from either jelly or silicone which is the softest and it allows it to form the suction with comfort and ease. As an example, the Head Honcho is one of our favorites.

We like to recommend this style to all men because they have a very interesting feel and once a customer purchases one it usually becomes their new favorite toy.

Pocket Pussy

Pocket Pussies

The most well known of all sex toys, pocket pussies are a fine mix of small size yet large enough to replicate having sex with a real woman.

The realistic pocket pussies simulate real sex with the way they look and the way they feel quality counts and you get what you pay for. Watch the pussy lips as they wrap around your penis as you penetrate, it looks very real, making these are very popular choice. Autumn's Pocket Pussy has the life like look as you penetrate.

Pocket pussies have long sleeves that cover your entire penis length giving excellent coverage and allowing to you to enjoy a realistic sexual fantasy, not only in the feel but in the look as well.

Porn Star Vaginas

Porn Star Vaginas

Same as the pocket pussy described above, with the exception that they are actually molded from a porn starlet, capturing her vaginal detail to realistically simulate sex with her. They come in a range of shapes and styles, some are rectangular like Lacey's Vagina and others have the rounded front with the longer pleasure tunnel and others even vibrate, like Aimee Sweet's Pussy.

Normally made out of Cyberskin or other similar life like feeling material the quality is simply astounding. Knowing that you have a sex toy that is a clone from a real porn star adds to the excitement. Porn stars create a cast modeling of their privates and once it dries, it is peeled off and duplicated with skin like silicone or rubber material.

Silicone Masturbator

Jelly/Silicone Masturbators

It's difficult to categorize this style simply because there are so many different molds in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Many men prefer this style simply because when you stroke, you can thrust very fast, minimizing the wear on the material. With the little finger handles built in, you can thrust very fast with the Grip Stroker.

The most important tip is to use lots of lubricant. Always use water based lubricant because if they toy has any silicone inside, it will melt with silicone lubrication. When these are very wet, you can glide endlessly. Men who prefer a great feel and the look is not important often choose one of these.

Vibrating Masturbator

Vibrating Masturbators

Some men really climax hard when the tip of the penis is stimulated. If this appeals to you, may we suggest the Pulsating Slider. Think about where you would like the vibrations to be, the positioning of the vibrator impacts the way the vibration will feel on your penis. The Alexis Amore pocket pussy rumbles evenly on both sides of the penis

Many vibrating male sex toys have a bullet that you place in the exit of the tunnel enhancing the sensation on the tip of your penis, adding amazing pleasure to your most sensitive spot, the tip of the head.

Realistic Vagina

Realistic Vaginas

Men wanting the most realistic visual satisfaction and a true-to-life experience choose this style, essentially a hefty chunk of pussy! Larger sized usually with a rectangular shape for better visual appeal. The detail of the Give Me A Hand is much more in depth then the masturbators as described above.

They should be held with both hands which gives you better maneuverability and it's more sturdy and substantial offering a more true to life sexual experience. Most of these adult toys have anus and vagina allowing you to choose between holes to complete the experience. We like the McKenzie's Pussy and Ass. If you're looking for a slightly smaller model, try the Cyberskin Sex Buddy.

You must use plenty of lube to allow yourself to glide without discomfort, but then again, isn't any pussy wet before sex?

Palm-Sized Pussy and Ass

Palm-Sized Pussy and Ass

These are the same as a pocket pussy but the difference is that there is an extra hole, an anus for variety.

When you penetrate the ass, the vagina will stretch enhancing the detail of the pussy. We like the Monique Realistic Pussy. For example, if there are clitoral folds on the toy, if you penetrate the ass, it will make the clitoris look bigger and the squishy texture is a desired feature. Most of the pussy and anal holes lead into the same chamber, the difference is the visual appeal and often the anus is molded to be slightly tighter then the vagina to better simulate real life sex.

Tight Masturbator

Tight Masturbators

Some sleeves are designed to be extra tight. Often the most popular choice for men with a smaller penis and these are also the best sex toys to simulate sex with a virgin.

If you like it very snug or like pressure on your penis, then the tight masturbator like the Velvet Touch is best for you. Sometimes men might find them too tight, if this is the case with regular use it will loosen up a little bit.

Ultra Realistic Vagina and Ass

Ultra Realistic Vagina and Ass

The realistic vaginas are as real as it can get. A large, life sized actual cast of a porn star. To make these, the porn star is actually fitted with a mold next to their privates that is set and cast in exact detail.

When a customer asks us which is the most realistic sex toy, we always recommend the Tyffany Mynx Vagina. Often hand painted and hand detailed, realistic vaginas are the best of the best with fine finishing and the most life like feeling sexual experience. If you have very high standards for your erotic pleasure, this page has the most realistic sex toys for men.

Blow Job Simulators

Blow Job Simulators

Some of the masturbators from this category are made to give a realistic feeling blow job. Some are modeled to look real but they won't feel any different then the typical masturbation sleeve or pocket pussy. If you're looking for male sex toys that actually give the sensation of fellatio, then the closed ended masturbators are the best option. Try the Black Orchid.

Fantasy Masturbator

Fantasy Masturbators

Anything with a different shape or style beyond the usual pocket pussy or ass. It's like a sleeve with added visual features. Some examples of odd sex toys for men include the Grenade Stroker and the complete opposite of the spectrum is the Blossom stroker. These styles don't feel any different then the normal stroker but they have added detail to enhance the look. Often used for gag gifts, but completely functional.

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