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The dildo is the most phallic sex toy, designed to replicate the feel of a penis, a dildo is great for when you have the urge for some loving and no one there to give it to you! Dildos are great because you don't have to worry about contracting an illness from a random sexual partner and you can purchase the one with the size dimensions that you prefer. Get yourself the perfect man!

These penis replicas come in an assortment of materials, are you the type that prefers fast sex or do you like to take it slow? That will really make a difference on the type of dildo that will suit you the best. There are some that are not shaped like a penis, this will give you a different feel and maybe you'd enjoy a probing sensation. It's all in good sexual fun!

Realistic Penis

Super Cock 6 Inch

I tried this and it really feels real. It doesn't really look real but it's a good realistic-feeling dildo for a cheap price. I am very happy with it and surprised how good it is. There are other dildos that look like a real penis, but most of them come with a higher price tag. There are various sizes of dildos like this and if you are looking for a real feel with a low price, the 'Super Cock' series is a great choice. This penis is floppy, almost like it's made of jelly, but without the squishiness or stickiness. This floppy feature is good for comfort but it means that you can't ram it too hard or it might bend funny and poke you in a weird way. They have flat balls which is supposed to be a handle but they are too floppy. But don't make the floppiness be a disadvantage because it wasn't really that bad. The material was soft on the outside and firm on the inside and this made it feel very realistic. It seemed like the material is high quality made. Better then I expected. Use lubrication to prevent any friction. (Click to see the Super Cock 6 Inch)

Flexible Sex Toy

Bender Dildo

What a fun dildo! I have many dildos, but I really liked this one! It is soft and has a nice size, and the best part is definitely the bendy, flexible nature of the toy. You can bend it like 3 times if you wanted to! The way I like to have it bent is a curve at the head so it rubs me the right way inside, and a harder curve at the base sort of like a handle. But I also like to mix it up, sometimes I like it straight, some times I like to have a really rigid curve at the head. So many possibilities! Anyway, a great toy, and every woman should try it! It might not be good for a first timer because it is sort of wide. It is decorated with veins like a real penis but you won't even notice this at all, it just feels smooth. Not really realistic but I don't think it's supposed to be life like. It's a big blunt pleasure probe, that's the best way I can describe this. Intelligently designed, I love how the vertebrae actually stays where you put it and does not un-bend itself. (Click to see the Bender Dildo)

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