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Black Vibrator

Black Velvet Vibrator

I was impressed by the material of this sex toy. It seems at first glance like it's another latex sex toy but in fact the material is rubber and it's smooth like latex with a silky feel but it's more hygienically superior, or so it states on the package. I am a sucker for curved vibrators because they can hit the g-spot when you insert it and push it against the front wall, the size is right and most women will enjoy the slim shaft that is sized good for pleasure but not too big. It can flex a bit too and makes it a comfortable sex toy to use. (Click to see the Black Velvet Vibrator )

Clitoral Vibrator

Mega Mite Pocket Rocket

You don't have to spend a small fortune to get a pocket rocket vibrator. They range from cheap to expensive and this is a cheap pocket rocket called the Mega Mite. Don't pass it by because I was very impressed! I liked the rubber on the tip. I used sex toys that have metal on the tip and they feel very different from each other. The rubber is not as slippery and does not get hot, but it feels more like a finger. The whole tip is made of rubber with 3 little half-balls on it - hold it on your clit and twist it and you'll see what I mean! The wiring is funny because when you press it down or hold it tight, the vibrations get lower intensity and not so tingly, so the feeling is more massaging then fast. A good buy. (Click to see the Mega Mite)

Rabbit Sex Toy

Wall Banger Dolphin Clitoral Vibrator

I was disappointed by the fact that the only vibrator is inside the clitoral stimulator. The shaft looks like it has a hollow tube in the center and it made me ask, why did the manufacturer not put another vibrator piece inside the shaft? As a result, the shaft that penetrates does not vibrate at all. At least the clit stim does it's job, the dolphin nose hits the spot nicely. The suction cup is the strongest I've ever seen on sex toys, it will not come unstuck and you can put it anywhere you want. Another downside is that when you twist yourself over it or try to change speeds, the cap unscrews and I caution you that it might let water leak in to the battery compartment. This sex toy is perfect if you do not like vibrations inside your vagina, otherwise, pass it up and go with something else. (Click here to see the Wall Banger Dolphin Vibrator )

G-Spot Sex Toy

Mini Teaser Sex Toys Kit

Oh so cute! Everything is so skinny and slim, it's almost cartoon like, I adore the look. The vibrations are very tingly but not very strong and it seems kind of loud considered the lack of strength in the vibrations. You have to use lube when you slip the sleeve on because of you don't you won't be able to pull off the sleeve. The g-spot sleeve is my favorite. the super skinny size is such a tease inside, really a different feel. The penis sleeve is nice with a rounded head. The butt plug is neat but you won't be able to insert it unless you have the vibrator inside it because it is hollow and the material is really flimsy and will collapse when you try to stick it in. A teasing sex toys kit, teases more then pleases but it's fantastic for foreplay. (Click to see the Mini Teaser Sex Toy Kit )

Realistic Penis

Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator 2

The greatest sex toy ever! I am honored to be providing this rabbit vibrator review! The greatest gift to women, skip the diamonds and get this sex toy. You must use lube because you won't be able to slide it in because it's a little girthy. The long ears are quite firm so they sit around your clit. You can also push it in so far that the head of the rabbit sits on your clit and the ears sit higher up. When you do this, the swirling beads will sit right at the inside of your vagina. Then you are in complete bliss! I swear this vibrator is the greatest of all sex toys for women. Bring it in the shower with you, I think that's a fantastic feature. What else are you doing to do while you wait for your deep conditioner to work on your hair? You must get this sex toy. You'll love it!. (Click to see Waterpoof Jack Rabbit 2 )

Life Like Penis

Gal Pal Vibrator

A plushy, foamy vibrator. I like how it feels when you insert it, so soft and really a unique feel. You can't get this one anywhere else. The vibrations are spread nicely throughout and are more soft and calming. Use lots of lube to let this pretty purple vibe do it's job otherwise you might not even be able to get it inside. You might feel the vibrator bullet because it kind of juts out the back, but that's fine because it will force vibrations on the walls of your vagina. The curve is nice too, it fits in easily. A very bendy, soft and plushy vibrator. If you like subtle sex toys then this is a fun choice. The color is so adorable too. (Click to see the Gal Pal Vibrator )

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