Silicone Power Penis Pump
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Silicone Penis Pump
Silicone Penis Pump Silicone Penis Pump Silicone Penis Pump Silicone Penis Pump

Silicone Power Penis Pump

The penis pump with a bumpy silicone sleeve that lines the entire cylinder. When you create the vacuum with the hand bulb, it sucks the sleeve to your penis and this gives you a tight wrapping feel that adds pleasure while you pump.

This vacuum pump combines pleasure and function in one model. Effective for men who need to get an erection and also great for men who enjoy the feel of a penis pump.

The hose is non-crimping and very good quality, The hand bulb features a quick release for safety. The sleeve is removable for easy cleaning. There is a hole at the tip so that the vacuum can be created.

The penis pump cylinder measures 8 inches long and the inside diameter of the cylinder is 2 inches wide.

Price $32.99
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