Stroking and vibrating penis pump.
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Stroking Penis Pump
Stroking Penis Pump Stroking Penis Pump Stroking Penis Pump Stroking Penis Pump

Stroking Penis Pump

A unique male pleasure device packed with features that men enjoy from suction to vibration and even thrusting!

The cylinder has a silicone sleeve that wraps around your penis snugly. It's firm to give stimulation from the smooth bumps on the inside. Make sure to add lubrication so you can slide your penis into the tight entry. The top end of the sleeve is plugged by the vibrating bullet.

When you put the squeeze bulb into the hole at the top of the cylinder, you have to make sure to push it in all the way so it's securely in place, then you can squeeze the air out of the cylinder to create a sucking sensation. There is a quick release on the bulb for when you want the pressure to release.

The battery pack has 2 different functions. It can make the sleeve vibrate and make the sleeve thrust up and down in a stroking motion

The motor is very powerful, the thrusting is fast and the vibrations are strong. It uses 4 C batteries, not included. The cylinder is slightly over 13 inches long with 5 1/2 inches insertable. The inside diameter of the sleeve is small so you may need to flip the lips open to fit yourself inside.

Price $79.99
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