Honcho stroker is a long sex toy for men.

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Sue's Super Honcho
Sue's Super Honcho Sue's Super Honcho Sue's Super Honcho Sue's Super Honcho

Honcho Stroker

Finally after many requests for an extra long sex toy for men we're happy to introduce the masturbation sleeve that's long enough to cover your entire your penis. Created and endorsed by Sue Johansen, the popular radio sex therapist.

Enter the ribbed entry and then you'll be greeted by 3 chambers with studded bumps and 3 tighter sections with a ribbed surface. It's a fantastic array of tight and loose, bumps and ribs. There are many different textures here and they all combine to give you the finest feel. We know men love this one it's consistently one of our best sellers and the price is right.

Squeeze it and you'll feel the jelly pushing out between your fingers. It has a wonderful viscosity it's tight but still squishy enough. Trust Sue, she only endorses good toys! Measures 6 inches long and 1 3/4 inches wide at the shaft.

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