Thrusting and sucking masturbator for men.
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Thrusting Power Masturbator
Thrusting Power Masturbator Thrusting Power Masturbator Thrusting Power Masturbator Thrusting Power Masturbator

Thrusting Power Masturbator

Just stick in your dick and let this amazing machine do all the work! Customize your pleasure with the various functions and find out what works best for you.

If you want to have some suckling action, simply squeeze the hand pump bulb. The suction is not meant to be as strong as a penis pump, it is more of a suckle and release motion, giving you an extra tickle.

Features a silky soft realistically sculpted entry that is thick, soft and padded to wrap the base of your shaft into sensual comfort. It feels tight like a glove. Add some lubrication and slide your cock into the tight, warm entry way which simulates the tightness of anal sex. The silky soft entry is removable for easy cleaning and measures 2 inches long for pampering comfort on the base of your penis.

Dive into the flexible jelly-like silicone sleeve and get tickled by the extra long and soft ticklers. At the base of the silicone sleeve is the thruster, this machine moves up and down in a thrusting motion, the up and down motion simulates sex, or squeeze the hand bulb and it simulates an oral tease.

It is recommended to ejaculate out of the cylinder as it does not disassemble for cleaning. To clean, rinse with toy cleaner or soap and water and rest the cylinder upside down to allow water to flow out, and not into the motor at the bottom.

It has great power and as a result, it is not a very quiet thrusting masturbator but the power given is worth the noise.

Features a plastic cylinder cap to prevent the soft entry from drying out and to keep it clean and makes for easy storage.

The cylinder measures 8 inches total length with 5 inches insertable. The inside cylinder measures 2 inches wide, the outside of the cylinder measures 3 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/2 inches.
Multi speed thrusting and vibrating uses 4 AA batteries, not included.

Price $69.99
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