Discreet and safe vibrating male sex toy.

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Torque Vibrating Masturbator
Torque Vibrating Masturbator - front hole Torque Vibrating Masturbator - side Torque Vibrating Masturbator - back Torque Vibrating Masturbator - sizing

Torque Vibrating Masturbator

Size doesn't matter, you've heard that saying a hundred times and it's true, what really matters is the motion of the ocean. A statement that proves to be true once you've tried this discreet vibrating masturbator.

Crafted from nothing other then silicone and featuring a tiny vibrator buried in the top of the shaft. It's separated from the pleasure tunnel and won't come into direct contact with your penis.

Flip the switch, lubricate the tight hole and slide your erection through. It's short to be discreet you won't get entire coverage however it will stimulate the shaft in small sections, replicating a hand job but with extra padding and extra vibrations.

It's nice to see such a cheap male sex toy that vibrates, normally ones in this price range do not vibrate. Measures 3 1/4 inches long, open on each end and ribbed in the middle. There is a snug fit like a glove that's quite tight. Batteries are included with the vibrator.

Price $12.99
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