Wireless vibrating penis extension.

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Vibrating Penis Extension
Vibrating Penis Extension Vibrating Penis Extension Vibrating Penis Extension Vibrating Penis Extension

Vibrating Penis Extension

This unique sex aid is a one size fits all, condom-style extension that turns your penis into a vibrator! Made from a sturdy latex rubber, with a 3 inch soft foam-like extension head.

The head of the penis is hollow, which is where the multi-speed, mini bullet vibrator is inserted and sits snugly in a foam housing which keeps it comfortable for both partners and resonates vibrations that are sure to thrill.

There is a small pillow flap that separates the mini vibrator from the real man inside the extension, and an extra, removable piece of Cyberskin to place over the pillow barrier for even more protection against the vibrations and to reduce any uncomfortable friction between the head of the penis and the latex closure or the mini vibrator.

This extension rolls down the shaft like a condom, and stays in place nicely. The extension comes with 6 free cell size and the vibrator takes 3 at one time.

It is highly recommended that the man wears a condom underneath the extension, as it may be difficult to clean after.
The penis extension measures 1 1/2 inches wide, and is flexible and foam like.

No Longer Available

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