Brand new upscale and highest quality g-spot massager.
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Blush G Spot Massager
Blush G Spot Massager - side Blush G Spot Massager - front Blush G Spot Massager - showing the size

Blush G Spot Massager

We have to begin by saying how incredibly silky this one feels. Truly, there is no other vibrator our staff have ever encountered that has suck a silky smooth finish. Once you touch it, you'll never want to stop, it's so tempting to just sit there and stroke it like a kitten!

Even though the surface feels so soft, the modern safe silicone is very dense so when you insert into your vagina it will fill you right. Now we have to mention the rounded blunt curved tip. It can flex as it needs to but is more solid so you can experience a g-spot massage discreetly.

The handle is dual purpose, you'll always know which way faces forwards while it's inside which is a common complaint about g-spot sex toys. This one has you covered you'll know where you're pointing at all times.

The vibrations have 7 functions including 3 steady speeds, fast twitching, slower pulsing and a smooth roller coaster pattern. It operates with 4 watch batteries which are included and even though the battery power seems inferior to some others, the vibrations are very strong, transferred very well throughout the bottom half of the massager and it's perfectly quiet. Measures 5 1/2 inches long, 1 1/4 inches wide at the thickest point.

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