Small waterproof G-Spot massager
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Floral G-Spot Massager
Floral G-Spot Massager - side Floral G-Spot Massager - front Floral G-Spot Massager - back Floral G-Spot Massager - held by hand

Floral G-Spot Massager

This is one of our favorites for a first timer for a few reasons. Firstly, the size. It's very small and thin, the short length seems like it could never be effective but it's the contrary of how it looks. The truth is the g-spot is only a few inches inside so you don't need as much length as you think. Insert this delicate flower and the flower petals on the base will rest on your lips for some external teasing.

The other reason this waterproof G-spot massager is so great is the quiet motor, it's made of silicone and the entire unit is a high quality design making it a wonderful luxurious choice for the first timer. We like to suggest this one as a gift because of it's non-threatening, cute appeal. We almost forgot to mention it's waterproof. What could be better then that?

Measures 4 1/2 inches total length, 3 inches insertable, and 1 inch wide. Takes 4 cell batteries, 8 are included.

Price $19.99
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