Vibrator for the g-spot, G Rock Pleasurizer
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G Rock Vibrator
G Rock Vibrator - side G Rock Vibrator - front angle G Rock Vibrator - laying down G Rock Vibrator - held by hand

G Rock Pleasurizer

Uniquely shaped to stimulate your G-spot and clitoris simultaneously, this sex toy for women is all pleasure! Made from a unscented, smooth and flexible silicone material, this vibe is soft and comfortable.

How to wear the G Rock Vibrator:

1.) Insert the bottom side into the vagina, and rest against the G spot. The bottom end is the least flared end. The silicone is flexible so it is easy and comfortable to insert and wear.

2.) Then nestle the other end, which is the wide, flared end, against your clitoris and turn on the vibrations with the easy on push button. The button should be facing up when in the correct position.

This vibe can be worn around the house while doing your chores, or before intercourse for a sweet preparation and it's non-toxic and phthalates free!

The total height of the vibrator measures 4 1/2 inches high. The width of the shaft measures 1 inch wide at the most slender point, and the widest point at the clit stimulation end measures 2 inches wide. This vibe requires 3 cell batteries, and comes included with 6 batteries.

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