Iridescent G-spot waterproof vibrator.
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Iridescent G-Spot Vibrator
Waterproof Iridescent G-Spot Vibrator - side Waterproof Iridescent G-Spot Vibrator - back Waterproof Iridescent G-Spot Vibrator - laying down Waterproof Iridescent G-Spot Vibrator - held by hand

Iridescent G-Spot Vibrator

** Please note this item is currently only available in purple **

A super slim, solid and smooth waterproof G-Spot vibrator with the perfect curved tip lends itself to fantastic g spot excitement. The long shaft is perfect for deep tantalizing vibrations.

Features perfect contour design that is anatomically correct for G-Spot stimulation and an extra skinny shaft for discreet pleasure and perfect pinpoint stimulation.

Sleek and solid plastic material provides the strongest protection against deterioration due to body fluid contact and is smooth and solid with a shimmering, sensually appealing hi-luster pearlized color.

Waterproof iridescent G-Spot vibrator features a handy nylon wrist cord. Incredible vibrations are powerful and multi speed for your perfect pleasure.

Measures 7 1/4 inches total length and 1 inch wide. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Price $15.99
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