Waterproof g-spot massager with solid and shimmering surface.

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Mini G Spot Massager
Mini G Spot Massager - side Mini G Spot Massager - front Mini G Spot Massager - close up tip Mini G Spot Massager - held by hand

Iridescence Mini G-spot Massager

** Please note this item is currently only available in purple. **

It's difficult to have variants on a g-spot massager because if the design stays too much it won't be able to do the job it was intended for, as a result manufacturers are left to give the vibes pretty colors or patterns. The deep royal purple color has a multi dimension June bug like color shine when you angle it in the light.

Patterns can be annoying if there is too much texture, your attention can stray elsewhere so enter this mini massager, smooth and thin lets women enjoy g-spot massage without interference or distraction.

It's smaller too because you don't need much length since this precious point is very shallow, a better discreet option. It's also water resistant making this adorable shimmering little guy an ideal shower companion.

If you're going to purchase yourself a new sex toy today you'd never be doing any wrong with this choice. Measures 5 1/2 inches long and 1 inch wide, operates with 2 AAA batteries, sold separately.

Price $14.99
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