Brand new upscale and highest quality g-spot massager.
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Lover G Spot Massager
Lover G Spot Massager - side Lover G Spot Massager - front Lover G Spot Massager - close up Lover G Spot Massager - held by hand

Lover Massager

Pure and utter elegance, easily one of the finest personal massagers we've ever found. Pure silicone is unscented and hypo allergenic. It's solid all the way through except the very tip can flex slightly but you want a stiff shaft because it's more effective at massaging the g-spot.

The best quality feature lies within where the eye can't see. The motor is so strong and concentrated in the very end. Sure other vibrators claim to have the same feature but this one excels at it like no other. When you turn it on, the rounded bulb end vibrates but if you hold the shaft half way down, you can't feel it vibrating anymore. This feature is very special and is really good for extreme pleasure it's something that you need to feel for yourself.

Another special feature is the 10 functions. One side has an inset button that you press to turn it on and off, the other side has a matching button that cycles through 10 functions including 3 speed settings, pulsating, rolling thumping, fast pulsing and slow pulsing just to name a few.

The physical levels and ridges sort of resemble a lover's tongue which is most likely the inspiration for the name but however you choose to interpret it, there is probably not a woman anywhere that won't like this amazing creation.

Measures 9 inches long, and the shaft varies in size but averages 1 1/4 inches wide. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included. Twist the base and it becomes water resistant.

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