One of the largest G-spot vibrators for sale that has different functions.
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Multi Function G Spot Vibrator
Multi Function G Spot Vibrator - side Multi Function G Spot Vibrator - front Multi Function G Spot Vibrator - closeup Multi Function G Spot Vibrator - held by hand

Passion Function G-spot Vibrator

A slippery surface and stout angled tip at a vicious 45 degree angle will not only find the g-spot but will force itself over it fiercely which you'll feel the pressure pulsing throughout your body.

The entire vibrator is quite large and made from a stiff rubber but it's not solid at all, in fact you can even pull the head backwards. The rest of the shaft cannot bend and you will notice the evenly spaced ribbed surface. Amazingly enough, the material is completely phthalates free.

Probably the best selling feature has got to be the 5 functions. If you look at the very end of there are 2 inset clear buttons. The left button cycles through 5 different functions including fast pulsing, slower pulsing throbbing and intensity settings. The right button is for choosing any of the 5 speeds. It requires 2 AA batteries that are not included.

Because the shaft is so thick and the rubber is so padded, it's very quiet, one of the most discreet g-spot vibrators and also one of the largest. Add in those multiple functions and you've got yourself one original and unique sex toy for women. Measures 8 1/2 inches long, 1 3/8 inches thick.

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