First timer's pearl G-spot vibrator is very small and quiet.
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Pearl G-Spot Vibrator
Pearl G-Spot Vibrator - side Pearl G-Spot Vibrator - front Pearl G-Spot Vibrator - back Pearl G-Spot Vibrator - held by hand

Pearl G-Spot Vibrator

Small waterproof G-spot vibrator great for the first timer. Beautiful pearl finish is pleasing to the eye and the soft latex rubber leaves a glossy finish.

Ergonomic and very comfortable to use. Built with a firm foam core with a glossy soft rubber outer skin, for extra comfort and an eye pleasing touch. The tip is pliable and foam-like for comfortable use and sensual stimulation on the g-spot.

Multi-speed and subtle, the vibrations are very quiet for your privacy.
Ideal for an adult gift for your lover, perfect for the first timer.

Easily stashes away for your discretion, measures 6 inches total length and 1 inch wide. Uses 1 AA battery (not included).

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