A cheap little g-spot vibrator with intense power.

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Silver G Spot Vibrator
Silver G Spot Vibrator - side Silver G Spot Vibrator - front Silver G Spot Vibrator - showing the size

Platinum G Spot Vibrator

The silver bullet goes postal and evolves into a bigger and better beast called Platinum. Luckily for you it keeps the same price and power but you can now have the g-spot stimulation that you've been wanting.

You could say it's become elegant, like the graceful neck of a swan. A solid plastic mini vibe with a funky curve that delivers. The entire exaggerated head vibrates very intensely with a high pitch tingling that's only possible when 2 AAA batteries are involved. Of course with any sex toy the batteries are sold separately.

To insert them you will have to tug on the base quite briskly, maybe you should prop a butter knife under the lid to pop it off. There is excellent battery compartment connection here which results in a well desired waterproof feature. 1 speed is all you'll ever need. Measures 5 inches long, 1 1/8 inches wide at the thickest point.

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