A cheap little g-spot vibrator with intense power.

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Satin G Spot Vibrator
Satin G Spot Vibrator - side Satin G Spot Vibrator - front Satin G Spot Vibrator - showing the size

Satin Scoop Vibrator

Show this to a group of women; half would say it's a g-spot vibrator and the other half would say it's a clitoral vibrator. Both sides would be right. A double duty sex toy for women is always a better value choice when you can use it in two ways.

The slender shaft is totally solid and the steep curve at the top is about a 45 degree angle, accurate for finding your g-spot. The front face of the curve has a indented scoop which just happens to be the footprint of a female clitoris. Coincidence? Not at all. A clitoral stimulator that you can lay all the way back and relax, the handle prevents any awkward positions that are required when you hold an egg over your precious point.

The head vibrates with 2 speed that require 2 AAA batteries which do not come included. It tingles quite well, not as high intensity as some others that require these same batteries, slightly lower thumping which for some women can create a wonderful climax.

Stylish metal band near the top matches the base. It's waterproof and measures 6 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide at the thickest point making this one of the thinnest g-spot vibrators for sale.

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