Slimline G-spot massager first timer's sex toy.
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Slimline G-spot Massager
Slimline G-spot Massager - side Slimline G-spot Massager - back Slimline G-spot Massager - front Slimline G-spot Massager - held by hand

Slimline G-spot Massager

** Please note the color of purple may be darker then the photo.**

The large G-spot massager head produces excellent vibrations while the slim shaft fits comfortably into the vagina. The combination of large head and slim shaft gives the feeling of having only your g-spot massaged with pinpoint precision.

Multi-speed G-spot massager with a unique, female contour. Large rounded power head delivers maximum vibrations to the sensitive G-spot area for outrageous orgasms. Features slim styling for comfort and control, and a fun, water resistant design, bring it into the shower with you in the morning and it will help you wake up with a smile! This vibrator can also be used to tease the clitoris with the large solid head.

Measures about 8 inches total length, 1 1/2 inches wide at the head and 1 inch wide at the shaft. Made of durable plastic and uses 2 AA batteries, not included.

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