Solid satin blue g-spot vibrator.
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Smooth Satin G Spot Vibrator
Smooth Satin G Spot Vibrator - side Smooth Satin G Spot Vibrator - back Smooth Satin G Spot Vibrator- close up Smooth Satin G Spot Vibrator - held by hand

Smooth Satin G Spot Vibrator

This blue g-spot vibrator is made from a strong plastic and is finished with a gorgeous satin touch coating. The blue/purple color of the vibe is delicate and elegant.

The g spot design helps you pin point your g spot and erotically massage it perfectly with orgasmic results! Not only is the satin touch finish sexy and appealing, but it will hold your favorite lube better than standard, non-finished plastic vibrators. This vibe is also waterproof for a pleasing sensation in or out of the water.

Definitely not the quietest you'll ever come across, but the blue g-spot vibrator is certainly is very powerful. Sometimes you'll need to compromise between sound and power and with this model that is the case. Requiring 2 C sized batteries, which means power and strength like you've always wanted. These batteries are not included.

Measures 7 7/8 inches long, the diameter measures 1 1/4 inches wide.

Price $13.99
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