Waterproof sex toy kit - Water Works vibrator.

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Opulent Water Works Vibrator Kit
Opulent Water Works Vibrator Kit - pieces separated Opulent Water Works Vibrator Kit - with the sleeve Opulent Water Works Vibrator Kit - sleeves Opulent Water Works Vibrator Kit - vibrator being held

Opulent Water Works Vibrator Kit

By far one of the most attractive selection of waterproof sex toys available it just begs to be given as a gift. Each piece is slim and small with a gentle un-intimidating look it's a perfect way to get you foot into the door of adult toys.

The introductory vibrator vibrates adequately and operates on 2 AAA batteries, sold separately. It measures 5 1/2 inches long, 3/4 of an inch wide and is made of plastic that has a very shiny glazed surface. It's waterproof and has a nylon cord attached to the bottom.

The sleeve that looks like a flower will fit on the tip and you're supposed to press the face of the flower against the clitoris. You can also use it on the nipples if you're feeling extra frisky.

The longer sleeve adds some girth and texture to the vibrator and it features a subtle curve which has enough angle to stimulate the g-spot.

We recommend putting some lube inside the sleeve before sliding on the vibrator otherwise a vacuum suction will be created and it will be difficult to remove the sleeve after.

No Longer Available

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