Slim waterproof vibrator for the bath.
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Bathtub Buddy Vibrator
Bathtub Buddy Vibrator - side Bathtub Buddy Vibrator - back Bathtub Buddy Vibrator - held by hand

Bathtub Buddy

This is a very good seller it's an ultra thin, powerful, and nicely textured vibe that can be used wet with water or lubrication for shameless self-pleasure.

It is different then other waterproof vibrators for women because it is solid, the shaft cannot bend at all and it has a smooth outer coating. Nicely scented as rose for your enjoyment, adding a classy touch.

Take your new toy with you where ever you go for a sweet smelling bath time buddy anytime. The widened base creates an excellent non-slip grip handle so you don't lose your grip.

Measures 8 inches total length, with 6 inches insertable and the tip measures 1 inch wide and increases up to a maximum of 1 1/2 inches wide. Great for first timer due to it's innocent look and simple yet great pleasure. Multi speed vibrations uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Review submitted August 27, 2010
- "I received this vibrator as a gift and was so impressed, I had to come on here and look up more adult toys. The I saw you can submit a review and wanted to say what I think. If you're a first time vibrator user, this one is absolutely perfect. Very skinny, powerful at the top, smooth and soft coating but it's solid inside to give you a real feel of a sex toy. I highly recommend this one!"
- Female 29, Houston, Texas

Price $19.99
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