One of the fattest and largest vibrators.
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The Big Guy Vibrator
The Big Guy Vibrator - far away view The Big Guy Vibrator - close up view The Big Guy Vibrator - held by hand

The Big Guy Vibrator

Sometimes you just need a big fat cock to satisfy you, this waterproof torpedo shaped large sex toy is the big vibrator you've always been waiting for but didn't know about. Well we're here to provide the biggest and fattest vibrator that has a smaller stature allowing better storage and handling. Yes he is very fat but he's not overwhelmingly long so it's not bulky you'll still be able to handle him right.

Made from a unique blend of rubber and jelly, it has a softer feel with a glazed surface. The entire toy is solid because there is a center stabilizing core where the motor lies within but the exterior has a thinner layer of material which is soft so that when you insert it, you'll get the filling stretch you want without the discomfort of a solid probe

An unknown benefit of thicker vibrators is that they are often very quiet, the reason being that the material is more padded so it muffles the sound better then a thinner vibe. The downside of this however is that the vibrations are never as strong and tingling as they could be, also muted by the thick material. This one has a good brisk tingle but it's not super powerful.

Measuring 7 1/2 inches total length, and 5.5 inches insertable with an impressive 2 inch girth. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included.

Review submitted August 25, 2010
- "The design is incredible, there is something magical to be said about the 'torpedo' shaped vibrator. I can't get enough of that stretching feeling, praises for this sex toy. The vibration is incredibly quiet albeit not that strong, but much more quiet then other vibes."
- Female 32, Sacramento, California

No Longer Available

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