Blueberry Bliss small plastic vibrator.
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Blueberry plastic vibrator
Blueberry plastic vibrator - far away view Blueberry plastic vibrator - close up view Blueberry plastic vibrator - held by hand

Blueberry Bliss Turbo Glider

This sleek and powerful small plastic waterproof vibrator is perfect for fun in and out of the water. This vibrator has a smooth, rounded contoured shaft for exciting sensations as you trust it in and out, slow or fast is up to you, regardless you will enjoy the bulbous pleasure of this sleek and pretty glider.

Pleasure packed and loaded with ultra-strong vibrations throughout the whole toy. The vibrations are concentrated near the tip for deep orgasmic pleasure. Not the quietest vibrator, but definitely a very powerful one.

Measures 7 1/4 inches total length, 1/2 an inch at the tip and 1 inch at it's widest point. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Price $12.99
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