Tantalizing intimate massager with curvaceous shape.

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Craze Vibrator
Craze Vibrator - side Craze Vibrator - back Craze Vibrator - closeup

Craze Massager

A shape like this is the new craze and as such, this massager is aptly named. Get your hands on this curvaceous beauty while it's still hot!

Modern and cosmopolitan in every way, featuring seven functions of vibration and patterns, each is quiet like you'd hope it would be. A sassy shape with unscented smooth rubbery top wrapped over a solid plastic shell, accented with a metal band around the midsection.

The shaded yellow part at the top can bend but it's stiff enough to deliver soothing vibrations. There are 2 buttons set deep in matching lemon yellow. The top button turns it on or off and the lower one cycles through the patterns.

One of the funkiest features is the illuminated tip that flickers along with the same pattern as the vibrations. It's purely for looks but that's okay too. Spunky yellow is a newer color for female sex toys, ideal for the unconventional nice girl who's squeamish about things that are overly phallic.

Measures 5 1/2 inches wide and a blunt 1 5/8 inches across at the silver band. Twist the bottom open to insert 2 AAA batteries which are not included, make sure to twist tightly to activate and it also helps with water resistance.

Price $26.99
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