Behold one of the softest vibrators ever made.
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Daydream Vibrator
Daydream Vibrator - side Daydream Vibrator - back Daydream Vibrator - closeup Daydream Vibrator - held by hand

Daydream Vibrator

The first time we held this one, the floppy, wavy texture threw us off track, we expected it to be more solid, especially from looking at the photo but it's one of the softest vibrators ever made.

The focus has been put entirely on your comfort and it accomplishes this very well. The fat thumb like probe inserts shallow into the vagina, this is where the vibrations come from too, quietly massaging you internally.

The tip faces backwards which is very different from most vibrators which face forwards. If we can suggest a tip for this one, try wearing a butt plug while using the vibrator for a very unique "connected" feel that affects the sensitivity of your entire pelvic area.

The labia massager prevents this from being inserted too far, it's squishy too and you'll be able to press it very firmly in between your lips. We really like this, it's an entirely different method for female sexual arousal.

Totally transparent light blue like a daydream, obviously where the name originates. Operates with 2 AAA batteries, press the button on the base to choose form the 3 speeds. It's water resistant and sized well for any woman but size doesn't matter because it's so darn soft. Measures 7 1/4 inches long and 1 1/8 inch wide the the thickest point of the thumb and is made from TPR silicone with a plastic base.

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