Latex sex toys - Gal Pal waterproof vibrator.
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Gal Pal Waterproof Vibrator
Gal Pal Waterproof Vibrator - side Gal Pal Waterproof Vibrator - front Gal Pal Waterproof Vibrator - back Gal Pal Waterproof Vibrator - held by hand

Gal Pal Waterproof Vibrator

This is one of the most sensual waterproof vibrators we have for sale. It's made of latex with a cushy filling inside. The benefit of latex is that it's a very cheap material to use so for ladies on a tighter budget, you can get the standard size of vibe for less of a price then other materials.

Another benefit of latex is the softness. The entire tilted tip is very cushy, you can squeeze it but unlike jelly, it's never sticky, instead the silky rubber coating covers a density that can be compared to foam.

The best selling feature of latex has to be how quiet it operates. The motor is virtually silent as it radiates gentle waves throughout the unit. Always a popular first timer's choice due to the discretion and especially the inconspicuous vibrations.

It's waterproof so make sure the cap is closed tightly before use. Measures 8 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches wide. Uses 2 AA batteries, not included.

Price $28.99
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