Hide-A-Vibe is a very discreet vibrator with case.

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Hide-a-Vibe Discreet Vibrator
Hide-a-Vibe Discreet Vibrator - out of the case Hide-a-Vibe Discreet Vibrator - inside the case Hide-a-Vibe Discreet Vibrator - held by hand


The ultimate in discretion, your mini vibrator can be sitting in plain view, yet looks innocently like a discreet cosmetic case! Great for travel and your nosy roommate will never think to look twice at the contents of the innocent looking case.

Made of plastic with a beautiful black marbleized finish. The vibrations are not the strongest, but definitely pleasing. This discreet vibrator is perfect for beginners who are not sure how strong they like their vibrations to be, as the multi-speed dial helps you choose your perfect level. Also for beginners, the discretion aspect will help get you more comfortable with having sex toys around.

Mini vibrator measures 5 inches long and a simple 1 inch wide. The multi speed vibrations use 1 AA battery (not included).

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