Flexible and very soft jelly bending vibrator.

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Jelly Bending Vibrator
Jelly Bending Vibrator - front Jelly Bending Vibrator - top half bent Jelly Bending Vibrator - side Jelly Bending Vibrator - held by hand

Jelly Bendy Vibrator

A specially designed bending vibrator made with a woman's comfort in mind. This vibrator flexes with ease due to the vertebrae inside the shaft. It can hold any shape and bends with you for the most comfort.

Very plushy soft, it's very squishy for women who demand a comfortable feel. The swirled surface is nice and the probbing head with pleasure bumps is something to be desired.

The vibrations are very quiet and subtle, making the tip of the head vibrate for a unique erotic massaging sensation. It's waterproof for easy cleaning and more ways to enjoy, try it in the shower for more fun in the morning!

Measures 8 inches long and slightly under 1 1/2 inches wide. The multi speed motor is powered by 2 AA batteries which are not included.

Review submitted October 7, 2010
- "I adore the rounded head and the bumps just underneath. The jelly is squishy but sort of tacky out of the package. You'll probably need to leave it our to air it out for a few days before using. The bend is slight and can rub the g-spot, it only bends a little however I found it enough for g-spot rubbing."
- Female 34, Denver, Colorado

No Longer Available

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