Large platinum jumbo powerful plastic vibrator.
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Jumbo Platinum Vibrator
Jumbo Platinum Vibrator - far view Jumbo Platinum Vibrator - bottom angle Jumbo Platinum Vibrator - close up tip Jumbo Platinum Vibrator - held by hand

Jumbo Platinum Vibrator

This powerful cosmopolitan vibrator is extra large sized and made from the smoothest, sleekest and most gorgeously platinum colored plastic. The wide shaft fills you up and keeps you satisfied while the pointed tip inserts comfortably with your favorite lubrication.

The twist bottom is easy to remove for changing the batteries. This large powerful vibrator only offers one speed of vibrations, but the single speed is powerful enough, think of it this way - it requires an impressive 3 C batteries, (which are not included)!

Strong and sturdy, for your largest pleasures. Measuring a whopping 11 total inches long, this is more than just lust, it's love! The width measures 1 1/2 inches wide, and can please any woman wanting a large, traditional style vibrator.

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