Waterproof personal massager for women.

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Waterproof Personal Massager
Waterproof Personal Massager - total view Waterproof Personal Massager - close up top half Waterproof Personal Massager - close up bottom half Waterproof Personal Massager - held by hand

Raspberry Crush Turbo Glider

A powerful waterproof personal massager that is solid and cheap. Considering all of this, it's a very suitable vibrator for the first time shopper. It's completely stiff and has a lightly flared mushroom tip that's a very effective probe. You'll know what we're referring to when you use it for the first time!

Powerful vibrations, not very quiet but it packs a lot of tingling, for such a small vibrator, the vibration motor is located at the tip for deep stimulation.

Measures 7 1/4 inches total length, and a maximum of 1 1/4 inches wide. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

Price $12.99
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