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Rock Star Vibrator
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Rock Star

Live like a rock star, a spunky sassy gal will certainly appreciate the quality of construction. Smooth but warm silicone surface with slight flex and rolling bulbous surface is a real treat. The base is plastic but coated in a velvet rubber finish, another testament to quality. Finished off with an affixed bracelet of studded metal squares.

Under the surface lies an ideally strong motor that operates on 2 AA batteries, sold separately. Twist the base closed very tightly to connect the battery ends together allowing to motor to begin. As a result of the tight closure, it's waterproof as well.

Twist the final bulb on the very bottom to choose a speed from the variable setting. Highly classy this one's a real winner. Measures 7 inches long, slightly over 1 1/4 inch across at the widest point.

Review submitted September 28, 2012
"The plastic storage casing is way cool with tattoos patterns and a nice new look sans naked women photographs. I instantly liked when I ripped open the envelope. A good first impression. Then I put in the batteries only to find it was quite noisy. Then I put the paper back into the slot and it really muffled the noise. Don't remove the paper, people! A nice precision vibration felt great, will use again I really enjoy my personal time with the Rock Star."
- Female 34, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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