Skinny jelly Krystal vibrator, a thin waterproof vibrator.
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Thin Krystal Vibrator
Thin Krystal Vibrator - side Thin Krystal Vibrator - front Thin Krystal Vibrator - back Thin Krystal Vibrator - held by hand

Thin Krystal Vibe

An extra long and skinny massager perfect for women who want a big, but not thick vibrator. The curved shaft is perfect for fast thrusting and sleek pleasure.

Made of squishy soft jelly that reverberates powerful vibrations. Conforming to your body's shapes and curves, you can thrust fast with incredible comfort provided from the skinny jelly vibrator.

Features a handy nylon wrist cord so it won't get swept away, also can be used to hang in your shower for the extra boost in the mornings.

Powerful vibrations tempt and tantalize you and realistic features give a life like feel, adding a touch of realism to your experience.
Measures 9 1/2 inches long with 8 inches insertable, the shaft measures 1 1/4 inches wide.

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