Warming Massager waterproof vibrator.

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Warming Massager
Warming Massager Warming Massager Warming Massager

Warming Massager

The first thing that will strike you is the rich, deep royal blue color. When you touch it, the coated velvet surface attests to the luxurious configuration from top to bottom.

The highlight is the upper head which warms up quickly when activated. It gets quite hot and eliminates the unpleasant shill that is so common with a plastic vibrator.

Insert 2 AA batteries, sold separately and press the button on the bottom, once for slow speed, twice for high speed. It's fairly intense and will offer you the best vaginal teasing, run the head between your labia, press it on your clitoris, insert it vaginally, the probe-like shape offers women uncountable ways to have personal playtime.

Measures 6 3/4 inches long and 1 inches wide at the top half, the bottom half is slightly more wide and does not vibrate. The neck has a ribbed connector and can bend but you'll have to push on it firmly to get it to bend which makes this very effective at delivering firm pressure and more pleasure.

Price $19.99
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