Powerful waterproof flexible vibrator with clitoral stimulator.

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Bending Waterproof Vibrator
Bending Waterproof Vibrator - shaft is straight Bending Waterproof Vibrator - shaft is bent forwards Bending Waterproof Vibrator - shaft is bent backwards Bending Waterproof Vibrator - held by hand

Bending Bubbly Vibrator

A powerful waterproof vibrator with an incredibly original design, the clitoral stimulator is a cute champagne bottle with foaming champagne bursting out. The vibrator shaft has a penis shape and features a lightly textured surface decorated with hearts and swirls.

The most unique feature of this sex toy is it's unsurpassed ability to bend. This is the most flexible vibrator out there, and will firmly remain in the position you place it.

Lube it up and bend it forward to push against the front of your vaginal canal for an exciting G-spot pressure or bend it backwards for totally different enjoyment.

Extremely powerful vibration from the 2 motors enhance the ambiance. It operates with 3 AAA batteries, not included to give you an indication of the intensity within.

Measures 9 inches total length, and 6 inches are insertable. Approximately 1.5 inches wide.

Review submitted August 24, 2010
- "Incredibly powerful, really tingling in both motors. I can't get enough of the force of the power. The detail looks better in person then the photo, the wine bottle is super detailed and very pretty. It does an OK job at clit stim, the rabbits do better because of the placement of the ears, but this long splash of wine at the top does sit over the clit, but it's too floppy to give hard pressure. The curve is one of the best on sex toys because it stays stiffly where you bend it. Curve it forward and it can rub the big G"
- Female, 29, Bowling Green, Ohio

Price $49.99
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