Best sex toys for women - Indulgence vibrator.
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Indulgence Vibrator
Indulgence Vibrator - front angle Indulgence Vibrator - rear angle Indulgence Vibrator - top half close up Indulgence Vibrator - held sideways

Indulgence Vibrator

The best sex toy for women with every feature a lady could possibly want. It's made of silicone which is the safest material in existence.

The shaft is thick and firm but soft to the touch. It squishes slightly when squeezed. The metal balls in the shaft are solid and rotate so strongly that even in the most heated passionate orgasms when your muscles are tightening around them, they don't stop spinning - they keep rotating with all the power to bring your orgasm to the next level of pleasure. The head has a swirl like design this allows you to screw it in to insert it easily.

The best clitoral stimulator is a hummingbird and it has special functions. The pointed nose pressed on and around your clitoris with extreme high intensity tingling - this alone is enough to make most women orgasm in a matter of seconds! The wings of the bird flutter against your lips and add a teasing. You get direct stimulation and subtle teasing, it's a wholesome experience that you are sure to love.

The motor is extremely powerful, it uses 4 AA batteries (not included). You can control the level of the rotation of the beads in the shaft and the power intensity of the clitoris stimulator in case you can't handle all the power, you can turn it down a little bit!

The entire vibrator measures 9 3/4 inches long it has 6 inches insertable. The shaft measures 1 3/8 inches wide which is slightly under 1 1/2 inches. The clitoral stimulator measures 3 1/2 inches long.

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