Tiny rabbit vibrator with g-spot curve.

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A stunning little vibrator with tons of power for such a tiny package. It looks good, real good, and feels like silk when held. Four little pegs help the vibrator to stand upright. Turn this base to insert the 2 AAA batteries which are sold separately and twist it tight, hear a click and it's closed tightly and is now a sex toy that can be used in the shower.

Press the bottom button and it flicks on the light behind the buttons which is a nice feature preventing you from having to fumble in the dark to switch it up. Press the top button and it cycles through the patterns.

The beast feature must be the alternating motor, one setting has vibrations that go from shaft to clitoral stub and back and forth turning one off an one on. A real exciting feeling, we've never seen another like it but it really brings pleasure home, so to speak!

The intensities feel different, touch the clitoral stub and wave your fingertip over the long delicate flowing spikes. The vibration here is super hit pitch and tingling. It makes your finger tingle so you can only imagine what that would feel like on the clitoris!

Moving upwards, the curved tip stimulates the g-spot exactly. It's not too far up and you can only insert up to 2 3/4 inches so you'll hit the g-spot every time even if that was not your intention. This is the perfect sex toy for g-spot nonbelievers or those who think it's an old wives tale.

The entire vibrator measures 6 3/4 inches long and a super skinny 3/4 inches at the thinnest part of the shaft. The slightly enlarged head increases up to 1 1/8 inches in diameter.

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