Most powerful rabbit vibrator ever - Pure Indulgence.
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Pure Indulgence Vibrator
Pure Indulgence Vibrator - side Pure Indulgence Vibrator - direct front Pure Indulgence Vibrator - close up of beads Pure Indulgence Vibrator - held at an angle

Pure Indulgence Vibrator

This thin vibrator is our most sophisticated and most powerful rabbit vibrator. The shaft and clitoral stimulating elephant are made from the best silicone The base is made of plastic, and in the center shaft lays 3 rows of never-jamming beads.

Starting at the top, the head of the vibrator is tapered and penis shaped. The shaft is thinner then most vibrators. The head of the vibe also gyrates around in circles, stimulating you inside for a massage you'll never get from a real man! This function is controlled by a button on the base, and features a range of 10 different speeds.

In the center of the shaft are 3 rows of pleasure beads, and while the head is gyrating, they rotate in circles at the same speed as the head. These beads please the labia, vagina opening and the inner vagina.

At the base of the insertable shaft is the clitoral stimulator. Shaped as an elephant, this clit stimulating vibrator is also controlled by a button on the base. This elephant has a long trunk that dances fiercely around your clit. The elephants ears are long and cute and will cup your labia and tease them at the same speed at the vibrating elegant.

Along with the 10 speeds of vibrating, there are 5 different functions allowing you to customize your sex toy. The functions range from a steady vibration, roller coaster, escalation etc. All of these functions, vibrations, gyrations and rotations are easily viewed on the flat plate LCD screen with handy glow-in-the-dark buttons!

This complete rabbit vibrator may not be the most quiet, but it is all a woman needs. This vibe can't be compared to any other vibrator; it is so much more powerful.

Measures almost 10 1/4 total inches, with 5 3/4 inches insertable. The width of the shaft measures 1 1/4 inches wide. Motor requires 4 AA batteries, not included.

Price $106.99
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